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Propeller-Guards, Plastic (9.9hp-140hp)


Any Brand of Motor
Molded Plastic
Most 9.9hp To 140hp

Compatible Motors

  • Prop-Guards & Hydrofoils > Prop-Guards


  • 2 Pieces Molded Fiberglass Reinforced Polypropylene Propeller-Guard 
  • Multifit Design , Will Fit Most 9.9hp to 140hp Engines
    ** Note: For DF140 Suzuki, We Recommend The Series 2 S/Steel Guard
  • 9.1/4 to 13.1/2″ Maximum Diameter Propellers
  • Helps Protect Your Family, Friends & Marine Life
  • Screws/Nuts/Bolts are Supplied For Fitment
  • Durable & Lightweight construction
  • Mounts With 4 Bolts Under Cavitation Plate  & 1 x hole Through SKEG
  • No returns or refunds on Propeller-Guards
  • Not designed for high speed applications
    – You may have to change the size of current propeller to compensate for the Increased Drag created by the Propeller-Guard
    – Polypropylene Guards will reduce The Performance of your Motor by 15%-20%. – If Performance loss is an Issue, we suggest Using The Single Ring SST Series II Propeller-Guards.