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. 3 Blade ‘Skipro’ Bronze Propellers – 1′ & 1.1/8″ Shafts – Left-Hand Only

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OJ Wake /Ski-Boat – 3 Blade ‘SkiPro’


'OJ' Propellers
3 blade

Compatible Motors

  • Propellers > Wake /Ski-Boat Propellers > 3 Blades


‘OJ’ 3 Blade Propellers – The Best Choice for Your Wake /Ski-Boat

‘SKIPRO’ – The Best Of Speed & Pulling Power.

By refining our original superior design, we have produced our finest performing line of propellers.

The SkiPro Propellers boast an enhanced pitch distribution along with a new blade shape that produces better top end and low-end power. Providing the best of speed and pulling power, the SkiPro outruns and over-powers the competition.

  • Enhanced Pitch Distribution – New Blade Shape – Better Top End and Low-End Power

** Unsure Of Which Propeller Is the Correct One for Your Boat, check out the PROPELLER GUIDES directly from the Manufacturers’ website.
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