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Evinrude E-Tec 40hp-130hp 'Ballistic' Performance Series


Michigan Propellers
Stainless Steel
15 Spline - Hub-Kit
3 blade

Compatible Motors

  • Propellers > Evinrude E-TEC > E-TEC: 40hp-130hp (13 Spline Shaft)


  • Evinrude 40hp to 130hp E-TEC Motors – 3 Blade ‘Ballistic’ S /Steel Performance Propellers – Equivalent to the ‘Viper’ – 13 Spline Shaft Supplied with Complete Hub-Kit for Proper & Easy Fitting on Shaft.

.’Ballistic’ Propellers are manufactured in the USA byMICHIGAN Propellers& designed for Maximum Performance:
.Tapered leading edges minimizes drag.
.Blade tip and cup combine to improve bite and reduce power losses from cavitation.
.Performance characteristics of racing style props.
.Maintains optimum blade strength & thickness.
.Highly cambered blade provides higher speed & better bow lift.
.High Quality S/STEEL Product You can Buy With Confidence
.1 Year Ltd Warranty.
. High Quality S/STEEL Product You can Buy With Confidence