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Evinrude E-Tec 40hp-130hp, 3 Blades 'Ballistic' Performance Series


Michigan Propellers
Stainless Steel
15 Splines - Hub-Kit
3 blade

4 fortnightly payments of $187.50 with Afterpay More info

Compatible Motors

  • Propellers > Evinrude E-TEC > E-TEC: 40hp-130hp (13 Splines Shaft)


. Evinrude 40hp to 130hp E-TEC Motors 3 Blades ‘Ballistic’ Stainless Steel Performance Propellers – Equivalent to the ‘Viper’ – 13 Splines Shaft – Supplied with Complete Hub-Kit for Proper & Easy Fitting on Shaft.

.’Ballistic’ Propellers are manufactured in the USA by MICHIGAN Propellers & designed for Maximum Performance:
.Tapered leading edges minimizes drag.
.Blade tip and cup combine to improve bite and reduce power losses from cavitation.
.Performance characteristics of racing style props.
.Maintains optimum blade strength and thickness.
.Highly cambered blade provides higher speed & better bow lift.
.High Quality S/STEEL Product You can Buy With Confidence
.1 Year Ltd Warranty.
. High Quality S/STEEL Product You can Buy With Confidence