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Honda 60hp-130hp, ‘High-Reverse Thrust’ Propeller – 14 x 11″P


3 blades
15 Splines - Hub-Kit
60hp Power-Thrust + 75hp-130hp

In stock

4 fortnightly payments of $82.50 with Afterpay More info

Compatible Motors

  • Propellers > Honda Propellers > BFP60-BF100, BF115/1998, BF130 (15 Spline Shaft)


. 60hp to 130hp Honda Motors High-Reverse Thrust Propeller, 3 Blades Aluminium – 15 Spline Shaft

Specifically Designed For Houseboats or Large Beamy Vessel Application – The Hub is specifically designed to redirect the exhaust gases away from the blades when the motor is put in reverse, preventing the usual slippage and improving maneuverability.

Quality Product From Well-Known SOLAS Company!